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The Revelation of Jesus Christ
A Book for Memorizing and Study

SEALING PROPHECY II contains 40 lessons, which cover every verse of the 22 chapters of Revelation, with inspiring paragraphs on each lesson to help understanding. The lessons are written on 4- x 6-inch cardstock and bound with coil. Each lesson is written in KJV and has first-letter helps for ease in memorizing. The books cost $9.95 each, but special prices are available for groups who want to use SEALING PROPHECY II for study.

Along with memorization, read at least one full lesson daily until all 40 lessons are covered, then read them through again. “Truth is constantly unfolding. Time is short. The perils of the last days are upon us, and we should watch and pray, and study and heed the lessons that are given us” (6 T 128).

Jesus came in person to bring to John the Revelation, placing a special blessing on all who read, hear and keep the Words of this book. Because Revelation reveals Jesus, a love for our Lord fills our hearts from the first verse. The fire of revival flames in our souls as the urgent message of the fearful and thrilling scenes connected with the close of earth's history fills our thoughts. The book is replete with warning and instruction for the last generation, and presents the duties and dangers of God's people. This message is so important that prophecy tells us it should occupy first place in our minds. "Nothing else is to be allowed to engross our attention" (8 Testimony 302).

SEALING TOUCH Memorizing Ministry, 323 North Sixth St., Thomas, OK 73669 -580-661-3837 -

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