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Children’s Ministry

Children will be almost immediately impressed with a program of Scripture memory. The value of memorizing God’s Word appeals to their idealistic minds as a worthwhile endeavor. This is especially true when memorizing is coupled with activities that make fun out of hard work.

SEALING TOUCH has three excellent programs to fulfill the Lord’s requirement to "teach these Words diligently unto thy children" (Deuteronomy 6:7). For children twelve years of age and under, the following books are available::

SEALING TOUCH, JR. Doctrinal Coloring Memory Cards
SEALING LOVE, JR. Life of Christ Coloring Memory Cards
SEALING FAITH, JR. Old Testament Coloring Memory Miniature Studies

(SEALING FAITH, JR. is available in a hard copy of miniature studies while awaiting printing in book form. In this format, the seven pages of each lesson are shrunken to fit on one 8 1/2 x 11 inch page. SEALING TOUCH, JR. and SEALING LOVE, JR. are available in the same format for convenience in teaching groups of children.)

With 28 and 30 lessons in the books, the parent or teacher has as many weeks of organized plans to teach the young. For homeschooling, Sunday Schools, Sabbath Schools, and for worships, the memory books combined with the SEALING TOUCH Memorizing Prayer Journal, which contains many games, activities, and projects, provide a guide for effectively teaching the Word.

The journal presents ideas for making the memory books useful tools for evangelism in vacation Bible schools, weeks of prayer, and in Bible camps. For older children, plans are written to use the doctrinal cards in a chain reference Bible marking plan to teach truth to unbelievers.

The plan created by SEALING TOUCH is for the student to not only learn all the verses in the books, but through an organized review plan, the verses become an individual worship time with the Lord. The plan also calls for teaching the young to pray, both in oral prayers and in journaling, for those who are mature enough to enjoy writing.

The story of 12-year-old Robert Morrison is a motivational story for the power of Scripture memory. He couldn't learn at school, so his parents set about teaching him to memorize. Soon he stood in front of his church congregation to recite the 176 verses of Psalm 119. The memorized Word helped his intellect, while it converted his heart. He became the first missionary to China.

Since I was converted by memorizing large portions of Scripture to present programs, I have made it a goal of SEALING TOUCH to encourage children and young people to memorize for the sake of making presentations in churches or in programs. These presentations may be individual readings or they may be choral readings, which will incorporate all the young people involved. The prayer journal gives specific guidelines for these readings.

A church school in Oklahoma City learned and performed a choral reading of the first three studies of the SEALING TOUCH, JR. book. The teacher shared that the Amens from the congregation so motivated the students, that they set themselves to learn another reading for the next month.

In addition to the motivation of making presentations, children need rewards for their memorizing efforts. The young will work diligently for a sticker on a chart. Whatever rewards are chosen, the price will be more than repaid as you hear the children quoting God's Word.

SEALING TOUCH Memorizing Ministry, 323 North Sixth St., Thomas, OK 73669 -580-661-3837 -

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