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Prayer Ministry

In these closing days of earth’s history, we need to do more than just move mountains with prayer; we need to move high heaven. Quoting verses to the Author of the Word, then turning them into a prayer, transforms the prayer life to give a sense of power to move the arm of God.

The promises of the Word become even more powerful as they are considered in light of the sanctuary. The sanctuary brings insight to verses on the cost of sin. This prayer is more fully explained in the SEALING TOUCH Memorizing Prayer Journal.

Quote verses of praise at the door. Verses that bring conversion fit the altar of burnt offering, and those that pertain to cleansing fit the laver. As you enter the holy place, quote verses about the Holy Spirit at the lampstand, verses pertaining to the promises of the Word at the table of showbread, and verses of intercession for others at the altar of incense. In the most holy place, recite verses that apply to the work God sends you into the world to do. In each case, after quoting the verse, make a prayer using thoughts of the verse in light of its position in the sanctuary. 

Sanctuary prayer makes Calvary more real and seals hearts in love to the Lord. Members may keep a prayer list with recorded answers, and write a "Save me," "Sanctify me," "Send me," prayer in a prayer journal.

To pray a verse in sanctuary prayer, consider the meaning in light of the positions of the sanctuary given in this outline:

I. SAVE ME. (Enter the courtyard.)
    A. Give Praise and Thanksgiving at the Door.
        1. Consider how Jesus is the Door.
        2. Praise the Father and the Son for Their attributes.
        3. Thank the Father and the Son for gifts and answers to prayer.
    B. Confess your Sin at the Altar of Burnt Offering.
        1. Consider what sin did to Jesus at the cross.
        2. Confess sin and believe that you are forgiven.
        3. Make amends to a person wronged.
    C. Wash clean of sin at the Laver.
        1. Consider how Jesus uproots the desire to sin.   
        2. Pray for the Word to make you clean.
II. SANCTIFY ME. (Enter the Holy Place.)
    A. Pray for the Anointing of the Spirit at the Candlestick.
        1. Consider the life of Christ in the Holy Spirit.
        2. Pray for the Spirit to fill you with "the love of God" (Romans 5:5).
    B. Pray to Become like Jesus at the Table of Showbread.
        1. Consider how Jesus is the Living Bread.
        2. Pray for spiritual, mental, social, and physical growth.
    C. Pray for others at the Altar of Incense.
        1. Consider Jesus’ love for those on your prayer list.
        2. Pray God’s will in the promises of the Word.
        3. Pray in faith to a God who keeps His Word.
III. SEND ME. (Move into the Most Holy Place.)
        1. Consider Jesus’ desire to finish the work.
        2. Pray for power to finish the work.

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