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SEALING TOUCH is a doctrinal memorizing book with 28 studies. The studies cover most basic doctrines: Salvation, Baptism, the Holy Spirit, Christian Standards, Heaven, etc. There are about eight verses in each study, with headings to introduce each section of verses, and a matching inspirational paragraph. The books are printed on 4- x 6-inch card stock, with a full color cover, and a coil binding. Each study has first-letter helps for easy learning. Cost $9.95.

These memory books contain vital doctrinal studies that all believers need to have memorized. Understanding of Biblical truth builds a hedge about the life that cannot be torn down--neither in good times nor in times of persecution. Bibles may be destroyed, but the Word in the mind cannot be taken.

As basic beliefs are hidden in the heart and the believer recognizes the doctrinal teaching of the Word, he settles into the truth with a confidence akin to Martin Luther before the Diet of Worms in 1521, "Unless I am refuted by testimonies of the Scriptures, my conscience is bound to the Word of God: I cannot and will not recant anything. Here I stand!"

Like this champion for God, the Word in the hearts of God’s people of all ages will enable them to stand firmly for Jesus in the crisis ahead. The truths of the Word fortify the mind and heart to stand firm even if it costs the life!

Twenty-eight presentations have been created to make the SEALING TOUCH Doctrinal Memory Cards the lesson material in evangelism. The programs come with a special prayer that youth leaders will motivate young people to make the presentations before an audience in their homes, in worship services, or in mini-crusades.

Each lesson has an approximate 25-minute script that anyone of any age can present. The first section of each lesson is an introduction to the subject of the study. In the next section, the verses are read and the speaker talks about the meaning of each verse. Discussion of the inspirational paragraph on each study makes the subject matter for the closing. The studies are sold in a three-ring binder for $29.95.

In each lesson, the motto is emphasized: "Seal your heart to Jesus with Scripture memory," as the speaker makes known that the memorized Word converts, cleanses sin, empowers prayer life, conveys the Holy Spirit and love for Jesus, implants the truth, and sends forth witnesses.

SEALING TOUCH Memorizing Ministry, 323 North Sixth St., Thomas, OK 73669 -580-661-3837 -

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